Yukun Huang  黄宇坤

I’m an astronomy PhD interested in a variety of topics in dynamical astronomy, such as the the dynamics of retrograde resonances, Earth–Mars belt, the Kuiper belt, and the formation and dynamical evolution of the Solar System.

I graduated from UBC Dept. Physics & Astronomy in July 2023, working with Prof. Brett Gladman. My PhD thesis focused on the 「Dynamics of transneptunian objects under the influence of a rogue planet」. I graduated with distinction from Tsinghua University in 2019 with a Master’s degree in astrodynamics.

You can find me in other places like Google Scholar and ADS.


Nov 13, 2023 🚀 My latest manuscript 「Primordial Orbital Alignment of Sednoids」is out now on arXiV. Watch my DPS 2023 talk on this and read the related news articles (Sky & Telescope and astrobites)
Nov 12, 2023 All past meeting recordings and animations have been moved to Downloads

selected publications

  1. ApJL
    Primordial Orbital Alignment of Sednoids
    Huang, Yukun,  and Gladman, B.
    submitted to ApJL 2023
  2. ApJL
    A Rogue Planet Helps Populate the Distant Kuiper Belt
    Huang, YukunGladman, B.Beaudoin, M.,  and Zhang, K.
    Astrophysical Journal Letters 2022
  3. ApJS
    Free Inclinations for Transneptunian Objects in the Main Kuiper Belt
    Huang, YukunGladman, B.,  and Volk, K.
    Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series 2022
  4. AJ
    Dynamic Portrait of the Retrograde 1:1 Mean Motion Resonance
    Huang, YukunLi, M.Li, J.,  and Gong, S.
    Astronomical Journal 2018