Yukun Huang  黄宇坤


Dept. Physics & Astronomy, UBC

Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1, Canada


I’m a graduated astronomy PhD from UBC Dept. Physics & Astronomy, working with Prof. Brett Gladman. I work on a variety of interesting topics in dynamical astronomy, such as the the dynamics of retrograde resonances, Earth–Mars belt, the Kuiper belt, and the formation and dynamical evolution of the Solar System.

You can find me in other places like Google Scholar, ADS.


May 7, 2023 🚀 Download videos from my DDA 2023 talk (Power Law) and Brett Gladman’s talk (Rogue-Sim-1 and Rogue-Sim-2)
Oct 7, 2022 DPS 2022 talks by me on Rogue Planet and Matthew Beaudoin’s on our work about detached Kuiper Belt.
Sep 21, 2022 My first paper on the Rogue Planet hypothesis is accepted for ApJL and out on arXiv.
Download the associated animated movies: ref_sim(fig1) and rogue_sim(fig2)

selected publications

  1. ApJL
    A Rogue Planet Helps Populate the Distant Kuiper Belt
    Huang, YukunGladman, B.Beaudoin, M.,  and Zhang, K.
    Astrophysical Journal Letters 2022
  2. ApJS
    Free Inclinations for Transneptunian Objects in the Main Kuiper Belt
    Huang, YukunGladman, B.,  and Volk, K.
    Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series 2022
  3. MNRAS
    Four-billion year stability of the Earth–Mars belt
    Huang, Yukun,  and Gladman, B.
    Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 2020
  4. AJ
    Dynamic Portrait of the Retrograde 1:1 Mean Motion Resonance
    Huang, YukunLi, M.Li, J.,  and Gong, S.
    Astronomical Journal 2018
  5. MNRAS
    Kozai-Lidov mechanism inside retrograde mean motion resonances
    Huang, YukunLi, M.Li, J.,  and Gong, S.
    Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 2018